Bird of Paradise

I went to the hospital the other day for a follow up and I just saw this wonderful flower on my way to the entrance. I just have to take a picture in appreciation of its beauty. The plant is in the family of Bird of Paradise.

Tahitian Gardenia

Tahitian Gardenias are one of those flowers considered to be exotic. The smell of the flowers is heavenly. The plant grows tall up to at least ten feet and when it blooms the perfume permeates in the whole neighborhood. It’s a very prolific bloomer and the recent rains make it want to bloom some more….


I am not sure what exactly the name of this flower but I like to call it Dayflower because it only last a day, just like the hibiscus flower. I think maybe it is a Daylily or Iris. But it is so lovely so I have to wait till it opens so I can take…

Pink Rose

I took this picture at our friend’s place using only the camera on my cellphone. I just have to take a photograph of this lovely flower. It reminded me of the old-fashioned roses my aunt used to have in her garden. Did you know that rose flower petals are edible? It’s good to sprinkle in…


Most gardeners consider these wildflowers as weeds but I find them pretty amusing. Their simple beauty makes me smile. Marjolein Bastin, my favorite sketch artist, seemed to be drawn to their beauty too that she always draws them. I can’t help but emulate.