I have a vine in the garden for quite sometime and I don’t know what it was till it flowered. I was glad to keep it in the garden for as long as I could although fellow gardeners are telling me that it is just occupying a valuable space in the garden. Well, I am happy to have it because I learned that it has medicinal value. The flowers are beautiful although they don’t last long enough to be kept in a vase. I also like it because the butterflies like it too. They eat the young leaves as caterpillars, they suck on the flowers for nectar, and then they lay their eggs on the leaves when they mature. I can see the whole life cycle of a butterfly with the help of my passionflower vine. I think that’s amazing. I feel blessed.
Passionflower has quite a story behind it and I am so proud to take care of such an amazing plant. I feel that I am spreading the “Word” in a subtle, quiet way.

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