Thai Food

Today is Sunday and my usual agenda would be going to Church then go shopping then eat when I get hungry. Before I get out of the shopping place, I’m already thinking what would I feel like eating today. So I walk and look for eateries close by and I stumble into this quaint, little place that serves Thai food. I like the ambiance and the slow music they are playing in the background. Sunday is my time for myself and I want to relax and this is the place for me.
I look at the menu and everything looks good to me but I decided on the Panang curry with choice of chicken, beef or pork and seafood. I opted for the shrimp because its my favorite and I ordered sticky rice to go along with it.
It was a little bit spicy but I like it especially the sauce which is a combination of coconut milk and peanut butter. The vegetables they put were the long beans, red bell peppers, bamboo shoots and some broccoli. And making it an authentic Thai cuisine, a bundle of Thai Basil was added. It was good and I was satisfied. But my mind is made up, I would try to cook this recipe at home since I have a lot of Thai Basil in my garden. I always like to experiment on making foods anyway.

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