Balimbing/Star Apple

Balimbing/Star Apple
Averrhoa Carambola
Balimbing or Carambola is increasingly becoming a popular fruit here in Hawaii. A growing number of people find it not only refreshing to eat but it also have healthy benefits like anti-oxidants and Vit. C. It is also widely used as garnish for drinks because of the star shape when you slice them, hence the name star-fruit.
Balimbing or Star fruit is native to the Philippines and other Southeast Asian countries like Indonesia, Malaysia and India.
The fruit has ridges that form the star shape when you slice it crosswise. The whole fruit can be eaten fresh and taste sweet and juicy. It can also be made into drinks, preserves or relishes.
The fruit is light green in color and waxy but turns into a more yellowish color when ripe. There is actually a variety which is golden in color.
Balimbing is related to “Bilimbi” or Kamias in Tagalog. Kamias is more sour and normally used as a souring agent just like tamarind or sampalok.