Kalamansi or Calamondin is a type of citrus fruit we have been enjoying in the Philippines just like lemon. I feel that kalamansi is important to be recognized maybe not a vegetable but as a condiment. It has a lot of everyday uses in our native cuisine. We use it in almost any dish especially in our pancit (noodles). We use it for marinades in beef steaks, in barbecues, in seviche, (raw fish marinated in calamansi juice) and other wonderful dishes. We use it for drinks like lemonade even cocktail drinks like margarita. We don’t have lemons in the Philippines so any recipes calling for lemons, calamansi is good substitute. We also use it for sauces we call toyomansi which is a combination of soy sauce and calamansi juice and in patis (nampla). In Guam, it is used in their famous fenadine sauce, a combination of soy sauce, diced onions, and calamansi juice.