Stir Fry Vegetables

I’ve gathered some vegetables from the garden and bought some vegetables I needed for the stir fry I want to make for dinner. I got some beans, sayote, kohlrabi and kale from the garden. I added some cauliflower, snow peas, mushrooms and bell peppers. I used chicken for protein. I sauteed the chicken with garlic and onions and cook till the chicken is tender. I used chicken thighs in this recipe. Then I added the vegetables according to their texture. Cauliflower seemed to be the longest to cook so I put that first and add a little bit water then covered the wok to steam the cauliflower. Add the seasoning of your choice at this time. I used soy sauce. Then add the rest of the vegetables. Snow peas is the last of the vegetables because it cooks faster. Green onions are added as garnish. You may use oyster sauce or vegetable sauce for added flavor.

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