Kabuti or mushroom is a type of fungi that is edible. The type we have in the Philippines is the Volvareilla volvacea which is also known as the Bagasse Mushroom here in Hawaii. It is called Bagasse because it is mostly found in the sugar plantation where the leftover part of the sugar cane after it has been extracted is called “bagasse”. In the Philippines though, it is mostly found in rice straws especially during the rainy days. After a rain in my hometown, mushrooms will be plentiful in the market.( Local people will call the mushrooms lightning mushrooms because they seem to appear after a thunderstorm with lightning.) I like it especially when vendors come to our house and sell us freshly gathered mushrooms from the wild. It is really good to eat. I like it better when my Mom cooks it with ampalaya or bitter melon leaves. The soup is very delicious and healthy too. Oyster mushrooms reminds me of the taste of our native mushrooms. That is why I used oyster mushroom in the picture.