Birds perched on a tree


I am always on the look out for something unusual or interesting and I found this picture of the birds perched on dead branches interesting. The clear blue sky provided a necessary background for a perfect photographic shot.

I took this picture when I went home for a vacation in my hometown. It is such a pleasure to see nature at work just by watching your surroundings. I actually like to take pictures of the rural scenery to document the lifestyle of the people living in a farming community. I figured pretty soon that picturesque rural scenes will be gone. Progress or modernism always have a way to change everything on its path including people and their way of life.

I like my hometown to stay that way. I still would like to see carabao as the machine that plows the rice fields. I still would like to see some nipa houses surrounded with trees and beautiful gardens not to mention farm animals like pigs, chickens, ducks and goats. It would be an ideal place to live if sustainability is your goal in your lifestyle. It’s actually my dream to live in the farm and do what I do best, gardening and learn to be sustainable by raising chickens for fresh eggs and chicken meat, carabao and goats for milk and cheese, pigs and ducks, dogs as guard and cats for chasing pests like field mice. I also would like to share my knowledge of making compost to use as an organic gardener and not to ever use pesticides in the farm. That would be ideal.

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