Green Gecko


I call this green gecko just to differentiate it from other species of geckos. I know they have several but this one is supposed to be a gold dust day gecko ( Phelsuma Laticauda). As the name implies, they are the day type of geckos or what they call diurnal. Most of the other geckos are nocturnal. I always see them in my garden before. They go up to my banana trees and look for insects as their food. They also consume nectar of flowers. I like them and try to photograph them if I could. I understand that these type of geckos is the most popular one especially here in Hawaii. They are the symbol of Hawaii and even make pictures printed in T-shirts. Although native to Madagascar, they found Hawaiian Islands as their home through the migration of the Polynesian people long time ago.

Unfortunately I don’t see them anymore in the garden. I don’t know what happened but most of the geckos that I am seeing right now are the brown kind. Maybe these brown species are so invasive, they drove these green geckos out. I wish they come back to my garden. They are really beautiful creatures and adds to the diversity of wildlife in the garden.

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