Rare Orchid


Orchid – Angraecum Eburneum

I have been taking care of this rare orchid for quite sometime but I did not know the name until now.  I tried to keep looking for the name in the internet and finally I saw the same picture from a website and so I was glad to have a name for the flower but its so uncommon its even hard to pronounce.

This orchid plant was given to me by an old friend in the community garden. When he passed, I thought I have to take care of the plant not only because it is beautiful but also to honor his memory.  So far it is doing good.

The plant has big leaves like the amaryllis, but tougher. It is dark green in color and glossy.  From the base it forms like an open fan. It flowers every year.  The flowers comes in spike with multiple flowers and sometimes I get up to three or more spikes in one plant.  Although it is white in color, the inside of the flower has a shade of lime green in color.  It is wonderful to look at.  Its like a wire full of birds forming in line.

The plant has been growing in a big pot with an orchid medium from dead ferns.  I put a flowering fertilizer once a month in its growing period and wait till it flowers.  I haven’t been recording the flowering time but I guess I have to now.  So Spring time is when it starts.  I love Spring, that’s when I also have success in having a tulip flower here in Hawaii.

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