Lavender is my favorite amongst the herbs that I grow. I love the smell of the flowers. It reminds me of my childhood days where everything is perfumed with lavender like soaps and lotions and perfumes. I always spray my handkerchief with the perfume and smells it every time and it always make me feel good inside.
Lavender has been popular for a very long time not only for toiletries. Now it is considered edible so we have Herbes de Provence for cooking. It is also use for baking cookies and other popular recipes using lavender as an enhancement to the taste like vanilla for desserts such as creme brulee and scones.
The thing about herbs like lavender is they are mostly used as medicines so growing them in the garden would give you a feeling of satisfaction knowing you have something beautiful in the garden plus a relief for headaches too.
Lavender plants grows even in poor soils and do not need much water. It can be included in a xeriscape garden together with succulents like echeverias and cactus. It needs good drainage so cactus soil mix is preferable.
I have a book about making potpourri and lavender is the favorite flower for making it. I also learned how to make lavender sachets that you can put inside your dresser drawers to keep smelling fresh. Not only that, it also protects your clothes from bugs. I read somewhere that you can use the essential oil of lavender and spray it in towels before putting them in the dryer. It’s the best fabric freshener!

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