Dried Herbs

Knowing herbs as an important part of our culinary world, I tried to study them and experimented on how to grow and how to use them in my cooking. Over the years, I was able to develop a liking to certain types of herbs and so I learned also how to preserve them by drying them. My favorites are Bay leaf or laurel, thyme and oregano shown in my picture. I dry them using this Philippine made winnower we call ‘bistay’. It is made of bamboo weaved in a certain way as to have perforation holes to keep the herbs aerated. Instead of tying and drying by hanging, I just spread them in this ‘bistay’ and wait for them to be dried like paper. I like this idea because it retains the color of the leaves.
I use Bay leaf mostly in Spanish type cooking like adobo, menudo, caldereta, afritada and paella. I use thyme and oregano in Italian cooking like pasta, spaghetti and pizza.
I have other herbs in the garden like sweet basil, Thai basil, purple basil, parsley and kinchay/leaf celery but I always use them fresh in my cooking.

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