Ubi/Purple Yam

Ubi or purple yam to me is a reminder of the Holidays in the Philippines. Christmas, Fiesta, and New Years is not complete without making a dessert called “halayang ubi” made of this delectable roots. This dessert can also be used as topping for Halo-halo and can be made into ice-cream.
This picture was taken in the marketplace in Iba, Zambales when I went there for a vacation last year. The market was full of an array of fruits and vegetables and I spotted these roots.
Since the Holiday Season is just around the corner I planned to make something out of ubi. Maybe something different like a pie made of ubi instead of the usual pumpkin pie.
I actually have ubi in my garden but I don’t think its ready yet for picking. It take some time or up to six months maybe a year even to have roots big enough to make dessert. I probably can use it next year.

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