Samsamping/Butterfly Pea

20131213_090437Samsamping – Butterfly pea (Scientific name – clitoria ternate)

I’m a member of a community garden and as most gardeners I’m curious of what other gardeners have in their plot. This blue flowers caught my attention and I asked for some seeds because I love blue flowers. I asked for the name of the plant but my friend said that a Filipino friend gave it to him and that the beans is supposed to be edible.  I never seen or heard of this plant when I was growing up in the Philippines so I didn’t  have a clue either. I posted the flower in Facebook and asked anybody who knows the name and somebody responded it is called “samsamping” an Ilocano word. I don’t know if there is a Tagalog word for it.

I like this “samsamping” plant.  It is easy to grow.  Right now my plant is full of beautiful blue flowers and some have already formed into beans. I don’t know if I like to eat the beans but I sure love the flowers and the butterflies and bees love them too.  The beans are green and look just like the jicama seeds only thinner.

At least now I know what I will call these amazing blue flowers.


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