Shallots – Philippine

Shallots in the Philippines is called Sibuyas Tagalog or Sibuyas Iloko. Sibuyas is a word derived from Spanish word “cebolla” which means onion. I like this type of onions fresh mix with tomatoes and used as a side dish for grilled fish, especially milkfish. But anything grilled like pork or chicken or even beef will be good to eat with this mixture.
Shallots can be be made into pickles. I put them in vinegar and used the vinegar as a dipping sauce for seafood especially oysters and shrimp.
This type of shallot has a milder flavor than the regular onion but it can also make your eye tears.
To plant this shallot, you need a soil that has a good drainage. I mix horticultural sand to the garden bed in order to have good drainage. Summer is the best time to plant shallots.

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