Catch of the day Veggies


I have been gardening at the community garden for more than ten years now and once in a while, most of the vegetables I grow give me fruits at the same time which is what I actually wished for. My rationale is that way I will have enough to cook one dish at least that requires all of the above vegetables. The eggplant, okra, bitter melon and tomatoes can be used in “pinakbet”, and you may also use the hyacinth beans or “Bataw” and the long beans or “sitaw” with the addition of pumpkin or “kalabasa” and you would have made “bulanglang”. The sayote can be used in chicken “tinola”, while the green peppers can be used in “Sinigang” or sour soup. The green beans I can use to make vegetable lumpia or pansit. The ” bataw ” I also can use to make sautéed Bataw with pork and shrimp with the cellophane noodles or vermicelli.

I wish of having a big farm so I can sub-divide it into different gardens of different cultures like Filipino garden of course, then an Italian garden, French garden, Chinese garden and so on. I know it’s a little bit complex but because I’m somewhat a cook, I like to experiment on planting vegetables or herbs for that matter for the recipes I would like to make. I love Thai food so I made sure I have kaffir lime tree so I can just pick some leaves for the dish I will have to make. I also have lemon grass, ginger, turmeric. All I have to buy are the chicken and the coconut milk. I always have chili peppers in the garden so everything is there. Eggplants, long beans, and Thai basil I have too in the garden so everything is complete. I just made chicken Thai curry. I forgot about the curry paste, red or green, they’ re both delicious.

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