Breadfruit or “rimas” as we call it in the Philippines can be prepared as a vegetable or a fruit but it has to be cooked. The Hawaiians call it “Ulu” and has been their staple food for decades. I like breadfruit the way my grandma prepares it. She steams it and cut them up and pan fry each piece till it gets toasted and then sprinkle with grated coconut and sugar. It will be either breakfast or snack. It is a real treat during those days especially during the rainy season where food is scarce.

I like to think that breadfruit could be a valuable source of food of countries where there is always a shortage of food. The tree is easy enough to grow especially in tropical regions and could supply fruits almost infinitely. The fruit is also pack of nutrition especially vitamin C and Potassium, protein and magnesium. Then there is the utilitarian aspect of it, the trunk of the tree can be used as a building material for boats and houses. The Polynesians even use the gummy latex they get from the sap of the tree as a sort of organic caulk to make the boat waterproof. All in all everybody will gain by planting tress such as the breadfruit as a means of sustenance and livelihood for everyone.

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