Atemoya is a hybrid of two types of annona fruits which are sugar apple and the cherimoya.  The sugar apple is what we refer to in the Philippines as “atis” the word I believe came from the old Mexican word “Ate” which refers to sugar apple.  The crossing of these two types of  Annona fruits was first made in 1908 by P.J. Wester,  a horticulturist in Florida.  The result was successful and they named it “Atemoya”.


The Atemoya fruit has bumpy skin and the white flesh is not segmented  like the “atis” and has black seeds which are not edible.  The taste of the atemoya resembles that of  a mixture of pineapple with a hint of vanilla.  It is juicy and sweet and slightly tart.  The fruit is easily bruised so it does not store very well and should be eaten fresh.   Chilling it and making a smoothie is also the best way to enjoy this amazing fruit.


The health benefits of the Atemoya is impressive.  It contains Vit. C,  B-Vitamin Complex,   lots of anti-oxidants which we know  helps prevents cancer, lots of fiber for colon health, and a well-balanced ratio of potassium and sodium which can be utilized as electrolytes for active people.  It also contains phyto-nutrients like lutein and beta carotene.  And best of all, atemoya is low in calories which is also good for weight watchers.



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