Macopa/Mountain Apple

Macopa – Syzygium samarangense – is a tropical fruit we enjoy in the Philippines during the summer. The fruit is bell shaped but the name macopa is from the Spanish word copa which means a goblet or wine glass. If you look at the fruit upside down it resembles a cup. The fruit has light fibers and one seed inside. The color is varied from light green to pink and red to dark maroon coloration. It is often the dark colored one that’s the sweetest of all.

The tree grows up to 12 meters and quite prolific when its time to flower. The flowers are white and keeps flowering even if some fruits are ripe, so you have a continuous supply of macopa all summer long.

The fruit is not so sweet compare to a regular apple, its actually a bit on the bland side. But it is a refreshing fruit and have enough moisture to quench your thirst. Besides, there are healthful benefits you can get from this macopa fruit. It contains vitamin C and other antioxidants which are considered cancer-fighters.

There is a fruit called “tambis” in other parts of the country. I’m sure it is in the same family as macopa with a slight difference in size and coloration.

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