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Euphorbias are plants that might be mistaken to be cactus plants because of their thorns but is considered succulents and have milky sap that is poisonous. The one I’m talking about is the species named crown of thorns.

I was not interested in these plants before because of the thorns but my cousin who just recently passed, was so passionate about it. He collected different types and some have really beautiful flowers like I have here. These are part of his collection. I took these pictures when I went home to the Philippines on vacation November of 2011.

My Mom also is starting a collection of Euphorbias in Oceanside, CA. The flowers are light green in color and some are salmon pink.

I should have known that they really are quite special. Not only they are drought tolerant, they are easy to propagate just like my own succulent collection and the flowers, I can’t believe they can be pretty coming from those thorny stems.

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