Yellow Ginger, the flower


This gorgeous yellow flowers is in the ginger family called Hedychium gardnerianum. Here in Hawaii it is well-known as Kahili ginger. But this picture is taken in California in my brother’s place, believe it or not. The flowers are fragrant just like the white ginger. The yellow flowers have a distinctive orange colored stamens that are long and prominent. They grow up to 6-7 feet tall just like the shell ginger I have in the garden. I also have pink ginger that grew like giants and I guess they like my constant watering. I have white gingers too which I really love because of the heavenly fragrance that attracts bees and butterflies in the garden. The problem I am now having is they are becoming so invasive. I did not know it at the time that these are considered invasive plants and can multiply like weeds but for now I really don’t mind. I like the flowers I can gather every time I need something for my flower arrangement. I will also have a chance to give away some rhizomes for my friends if they want to grow them too.

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