On my way to church last Sunday I came across these little purple flowers called Lantana. The profusion of flower clusters really caught my attention. Lantana belongs to the verbena family of perennial plants. They are called honey plants because the bees like them so are the butterflies especially swallowtail butterflies. Even birds like them because they produce small berries after the flowering. They are the best plants to have if you want your garden to be a haven for small creatures like bees, butterflies and birds. Not only they make your garden beautiful, they are easy to grow and no known pests to disturb them.
I was in Okinawa years ago and Lantana were used as ornamental plants in their roads and highways. It’s quite spectacular to look at especially during the summer months. Lantana flowers of different color variations really put on a show. I wish we could have the same here in Hawaii.

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