Surinam Cherries

I don’t know much about Surinam Cherries. I just happen to see these beautifully colored fruits in my neighbor’s yard and I took a picture of it. It also inspired me to do a painting of it. I believe I blogged that painting last February.
Since I only knew little about this fruit I did some research. Surinam Cherries are native of Brazil. It is also called Pitanga. In Florida, the plants are widely used as hedges. The nice glossy leaves makes it a handsome hedge with an added bonus of fruits that you can make jams or jellies. (I actually did not know that you can eat this fruit) I was able to try it one time when I visit my cousin in Kaneohe and it actually taste good, sweet and tangy. Perfect for making jams or jellies just like the lilikoi. You can also make juice out of the cherries. It is rich in Vitamin C so I will add this fruit as a health food for me from now on.

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