Tamarind (Sampalok)

Tamarind or sampalok as we call it in the Philippines is a versatile fruit. We can make it into candy or jam, we can use it in cooking as a souring agent for the ever popular “sinigang” or you can eat it as it is ripe or raw. Also the leaves were used too in cooking fish we call “pinangat”. My mother used to line the clay pot with young leaves of the tamarind and place the fish on top. She then just add a little bit of water and salt and let it simmer till the fish is done. It’s a simple way of cooking fish but its delicious and less fat.
Tamarind fruit is green when young then turns brown when ripe. We enjoy eating ripe tamarinds. There are big seeds inside which needs to be discarded.
Rainy season is when the tamarind starts flowering and its prolific you will have tons of fruits during the summer time.
The tree can grow 15 to 20 feet tall at least and it’s a good shade tree too.

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