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Soursop or guyabano as we call it in the Philippines is gaining popularity as a health fruit and a natural medicine against cancer.  Whether it is true or not, soursop or guyabano is an interesting fruit to eat.  The skin looks like it would hurt you when you touch it but the spikes you see are soft to the touch. When you open it, the flesh is white and have sheath like custard tasting meat with a combined sour and sweet taste at the same time.  The sections of the fruit has some brown sometimes black seeds. The leaves which are dark green and glossy are also considered as medicinal.  The leaves are boiled and taken as tea to relieve stomach problems, to reduce fever, and other ailments.

Soursop or Annona muricata is an evergreen tree native to Central Americas, Mexico, Cuba and the Caribbean and in South American countries like Colombia, Brazil, Peru, Ecuador and they call it guanabana. I guess that’s where we got the name guyabano. The leaves are green and glossy. The flowers are so fragrant when opening up and I remember when I was a kid being beaten by fire ants which always make the soursop tree their home.

Soursop is being sold now as a smoothie drink in Chinatown. The white pulp is also made into ice cream.  In the Philippines, it is sold as a drink in tetrapaks. It is good to eat it fresh though.  You will know that it is ripe and ready to eat if the fruit yields by touch just like an avocado.  It not only tastes good but it has all kinds of Vitamins like C, and B and also dietary fibers which are good for you. Anti-cancer or not I don’t mind eating this fruit everyday as a healthy regimen.



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