Cucumber/Poona Kheera

Cucumber Poona Kheera

Cucumber or pipino as we call it in the Philippines is my favorite salad vegetable. I also make pickle out of it. But I really don’t have luck in growing cucumbers.

Last month, a friend of mine gave me some seeds which he said came from Sri Lanka. I immediately planted it and see how it will do. I know that planting cucumber is like trial and error for me. As expected, only one plant survived and to my surprise gave me some fruits. The flowers are also yellow just like the common variety. The fruit started yellow then green in color. I waited for the fruit to mature and surprisingly turned into this brown color like a russet potato. The shape is just perfect.

As I read about this type of cucumber, I found out that it is called Poona Kheera and that it originated from India. It is considered an heirloom variety. It taste just like a cucumber should but more crisp and juicy. Sometimes it’s best to eat it while it still green in color. When it turns brown, the skin would be tough and chewy.

I’m going to leave one fruit to mature so I can save the seeds for the next planting season. I hope I would be able to preserve it and continue planting it to perpetuate an heirloom vegetable from India.

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