Rambutan is one of those exotic fruits that it would take real courage to begin trying and eat it. But once you tried it, you’re hook for life. It is sweet and refreshing. Rambutan is an Indonesian word meaning “hairy” and the fruit is hairy so everyone calls it rambutan even in Philippines. It is the season now of rambutan in the Philippines along with Lanzones. September till Christmas is the season for these exotic fruits.
Red is the common color of rambutan but there is a lime color that is also equally sweet. You will find these different colors of rambutan in Laguna, Philippines. Laguna is famous for lanzones and other exotic fruits like rambutan, marang, and durian.
Rambutan is just like lychee and longan inside but the taste is quite different. I prefer the taste of the rambutan.

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