The popularity of kale as a cancer-fighting vegetable made me decide to plant some. I started with seeds and the variety is called “Toscano”. It is a plain-leaf type. Some kales have curly leaves. Some are called ornamental kales because of their different colors and mostly used as decorative plant in the garden. I have seen these plants when we were in Japan and they used ornamental kales in landscape designs everywhere, parks, etc. I observed these during the winter months. Kale grows better when the temperature is cool just like cabbage and broccoli. They all belong to the same family of Brassicas.

As you can see, the kale is growing as expected and I can’t wait to gather and try it in some recipes. They say you can blend it with apple juice for a very nutritious drink. Steaming is also the best way to cook it to retain most of the valuable vitamins and minerals. In Japan, they have a drink called “Aujiro” and is made of kale juice. Almost all the vitamins and minerals are present in these leafy greens so you can’t go wrong adding them in your vegetable garden.

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