Moth Orchid

Moth orchid is my favorite among orchids because the flowers last long enough to add beauty and color to your home. After the flowers fade set it aside and try to nurture it and if you’re lucky it will bloom again like this one. I have this orchid plant in the lanai for quite sometime now and I just water it every Sunday. I have to remember to water it every week so I designated Sunday to be the water day for the orchid plants. I had four plants originally but one of them did not make it. So I have three left and this one flowered to my surprise and I see one that is promising to bloom too. I did not cut the flower stems this time because I learned that it will flower again in the same stalk or stem. I regret cutting down the first one because up to now I have not seen any improvement except it is a healthy looking plant. So the tip of the day is keep the flower stem of your moth orchids.

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