Caribbean Hot Peppers

Caribbean Hot PeppersCaribbean hot peppers also known as Scotch Bonnet (because of their shape) is found mainly in the Caribbean Islands but widely used in West African dishes.  The peppers are scaled at 445,000 Scoville units and a cousin of habanero peppers.

Its name was derived from the city of Cuba called La Habana, or Havana in America.  It is believed to have originated in Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico and became widely spread to Belize, Costa Rica, Panama to the Caribbean Islands and Africa.

Habanero dates back to 6,500 BC and in 1492, Magellan brought back seeds to Europe and have named it Capsicum Chinense or Chinese Pepper because they thought it came from China.

The plant will grow only up to 12 inch tall, and will develop green fruits that turn into red in a couple of months starting from seeds.

I like to grow them for my family because they love spicy foods.


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