This fruit we call lanzones has a sweet and sour taste at the same time. It so juicy and refreshing to eat. The fruits come in bunches like grapes and the shape is more oval than rounded. The skin is beige in color and when you open it by pressing with your fingers, you will find translucent segments that are succulent and really good to eat except for the seeds which are bitter in taste. When you open each fruit, it will release a sticky sap, almost glue like resin but that would not stop you from eating these delectable fruit.
It is a seasonal fruit in the Philippines. You will start seeing them in the marketplace in the months of September till December. They are only grown mostly in the province of Laguna in Luzon and in the south, in Butuan, Cagayan de Oro and Camiguin.
I just came back from the Philippines and they are abundant in the market so I was able to enjoy these tasty fruits.
You will find that they are also nutritious. They contain carbohydrates, protein, calcium, phosphorous, iron, thiamin, niacin and Vitamin C which is also an anti-oxidant.

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