I seldom see dragonfly so when I see one is a real treat. I’m glad I always carry my small camera, you’ll never know when you can see something interesting to capture. When I was young, my cousins and I are always trying to capture dragonflies and damselflies even. But I noticed when I went vacation this time, I did not see any. Even small birds, I did not see, I wonder why. I went to my cousin’s farm in Botolan and all I see are small pigeons. I did not see fireflies too. I feel sad and disappointed. All these little creatures were the only entertainment we had as young children in the country. We don’t have electricity back then so fireflies covering a tree are a wonderful sight at night. Running after dragonflies and chasing the damselflies keeps us busy during the day when the older folks are doing their daily chores in the house or in the field. I miss those days.

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