Sunset in Iba

I just came back from a one month vacation in the Philippines and I took tons of pictures but this one is very meaningful to me. Sunset in Iba, my hometown in Zambales, Philippines conjures quiet, peaceful and tranquil existence. I’m happy to know wherever you maybe, you will still enjoy the serenity that sunset brings. Here in Hawaii, tourists flock to the beach every afternoon to be the first to capture the beautiful sunset, almost like a religion, you have to capture the sunset, so it’s fairly common I would say. But in my hometown, I doubt people even noticed. They are more concerned about what to have for dinner that night or maybe thankful that the day is over so they can rest from a hard day’s work in the fields or wherever they are working.
I feel really blessed to be able to capture a magnificent view of God’s creation and be a part of it’s subtle beauty. I always get into a meditative mood every time I watch the sunset. I always gain a new perspective in life and be more appreciative of nature around me.

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