Orchid Show

I just came back from Washington Middle School where they are holding an Orchid Showcase. The displays are just spectacular. I am glad I have my camera with me so I was able to take pictures. The lay out is really amazing. The different types of orchids they have are rare and not the ones you see in nurseries. Most of them are collector’s item. I especially love to see the Vandas and this is what I’m featuring. I like the mottled look of the petals and the different colors which range from dark purple to yellow, pink and orange. I think they are the most breathtaking flowers in the world. The catleyas was the next specimen I checked out. I love the big flowers and some of them have a very nice scent too. Next stop was the honohono orchids. It is in the family of dendrobium. But what makes it different is the when it blooms it blooms like a shower of flowers. They did not have anything in flower this time, just pictures. I guess it is not the season yet for them to bloom. I learned they bloom from March to May and that it loses all the leaves before it blooms so all you see are a waterfall of perfumed orchids cascading down the wall or tree. That’s when I made a decision to buy and challenge myself if I can have it flower at the specific time it has to bloom. Anyway, I think I still have one more year waiting time before the blooming time. Orchid enthusiasts knows you have to wait at least two years before honohono gives you a fountain of beautifully scented flowers. I can’t wait. The one I bought is supposed to have purplish flowers. I bought one catleya too and the reason why is the blue color of the flower. I like blue flowers like the blue delphinium, lobelias and blue Iris. I think blue is a rare color for an orchid and so I would like to try my hands into having it bloom just like the honohono. Wish me luck!

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