Pow Wow

This weekend was Pow Wow weekend for my family. My husband is fourth native American Indian from the Cherokee Tribe and that makes my son eighth part native American Indian. We decided to make it a tradition to attend Pow Wow celebration every year which they always hold at the Thomas Square Park. I enjoy watching the dances and taking pictures while my son likes to eat the Indian tacos. I like the fry bread myself, so good like a comfort food. I try to buy anything as a souvenir each time we go there, one time was a skin head of a coyote, next time was a bead necklace, then some lavender and white sage, this time I bought a dream catcher, actually this is the second time I bought a dream catcher. I just love the crafts the Natives make. I enjoy browsing on all the arts they make from nature and it makes me feel good just looking at them. I buy just anything to show my appreciation for their art and hard work trying to keep the culture alive.
The performances is also a wonderful thing to see. Their costumes are colorful and their dances are a sight to behold. I understand there is a meaning on their dances like a ritual as the announcer is trying to convey to the spectators but I’m too busy taking pictures I did not understand all of it. The dancer in the picture is performing what they call a Fancy Dance.

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