Hibiscus Tea

Not only a beautiful flower, but this type of Hibiscus known as Sabdariffa or Roselle has lots of healthful benefits. I have been researching for a natural way to lower my blood cholesterol and I came across this wonderful flower. The deep magenta color of the sepals is what gives the most benefit. It is made into a “tisane” or herbal tea by infusing the dried sepals into boiling water. It has a delicious taste, slightly tart, vibrant color and can be drank hot or cold. It has Vit. C and anti-oxidants and the best part is what I like best, it helps lower cholesterol and blood pressure even.
Since I have the plant now and it started flowering, I would surely make my own tisane everyday. I’d rather take natural medicine than the statin that my doctor advices me to take.

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