Summer is here

The flowers in the picture is from the long beans I transplanted a couple of weeks ago. Don’t they look like small fairies? I saw some long beans forming already.
The society garlic is blooming again with a profusion of lilac-colored flowers. I like to watch the long stalk of clustered flowers sway with the breeze.
Nasturtiums is also showing off with its brilliant crimson red color petals and good to eat too. The taste is a cross between radish and wasabi.
The okras are also getting taller and I just spotted one flower today.
The cherry tomatoes are also generously giving me fruits now which is really good tasting and juicy too, a quick plus to your green salad. Speaking of salad, I have these lettuce in the garden called the oakleaf lettuce and I have been enjoying it for months now. I made succession plantings so I would not run out of lettuce for green tossed salad. I actually have some other varieties too like the prizehead lettuce and the atoll variety. I just can’t help myself when it comes to mixing lettuces even in the garden. It’s like planting mesclun except I get to choose what I want to mix. The kale plants are also getting taller now and although I have problems with them having whiteflies, they are still standing and looking good with their grayish green leaves which is full of vitamins and minerals. By the way, I used dishwashing liquid soap with a few drops of oregano oil and put in a spray bottle to combat the spread of whiteflies in the garden. It worked for me.
The green eggplants are giving me enough to be able to make pinakbet. The Waimanalo long eggplants are still in the process of growing.
The lilikoi vine is still giving me all kinds of fruits. I can’t wait till they ripened so I can make jelly which I can also use to flavor my tea or the shortbread cookies I plan to bake.
The pink ginger flowers are peeking amidst their bright green leaves. I can’t believe they’ve grown so tall now.
The cannas with their bright red flowers are always a standby in the garden. Ever since I have them, they just keep popping here and there which is good for me cause I love having flowers in the garden to please the guests like butterflies and bees.
I almost forgot to mention the fig tree which is full of green fruits too. They turn light yellow when ripe.
All of these things happening in the garden at the same time and I said to myself summer is really here.

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