Fig Tree

My fig tree in the garden came from a cutting. I took some branches when the tree owner decided to prune her fig tree which grew into a tall tree about ten feet or more. We can only grow up to five feet plants in the garden. Luckily the fig cuttings grew and actually have been giving me fruits to enjoy whenever I’m in the garden. I have the tree for about four years now. I just planted it in a pot and it grew horizontally which is good for me because I don’t want it to grow taller than five feet. I have pruned it a couple of times to maintain its height. The fruit I get is green that turns into yellow as it ripens. I also have to feel it too. When it is soft to the touch then its ready to eat.
Common fig tree (ficus carica) is native to the Middle East. It thrives in sunny, dry climate.
The fruits can be eaten fresh or dried and can be made into jams. I only knew figs before in Fig Newton cookies. It also have nutritional benefits like calcium and fiber, and micro nutrients considered as antioxidants. It also have laxative properties.
Fig has been mentioned in the Bible many times and I guess the importance of fig in ancient times cannot be overlook.

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