Jackfruit or “langka” is the biggest fruit in the fruit kingdom I think. Anyways, it is one of my favorites. I took this picture in the Philippines when I was there on vacation. I was just amazed to see the tree full of fruits. I remember growing up in the farm where my grandparents live. The fruit of the jackfruit is so huge (they sometimes call it hog or pig) it almost touches the ground.
I like to use it when I make “bilo-bilo”, a type of dessert made of sweet potatoes, “saba” or cooking banana, mochi balls and taro (it’s optional), and coconut milk. I used the canned jackfruit now since it is more convenient plus sometimes it’s not in season. I also use it when I want to make “halo-halo”, a popular snack which is very refreshing. Just like making a shaved ice except we put different types of sweetened fruits inside (thus the name halo-halo) plus ice-cream or leche flan on top. Nowadays,we are using jackfruits when making banana lumpia or “turon’ from the Spanish “turrones”.
The unripe jackfruit is also used as vegetable and cooked with coconut milk and spiced with hot peppers we call “siling labuyo”.
In most Asian stores, they are now selling jackfruit chips. I have tried it and it is good, reminds me of dried mangoes, sweet.

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