Lemon Basil

Lemon Basil is a special type of basil for me because I use it to flavor my green tea just like the lemon verbena. It really has that refreshingly good taste when you drink the tea with it. I always keep lemon basil in my herb garden but this one started to flower no matter how I prune it every week it seems time for it to flower so I just let it this time thinking I can collect the seeds for the next season anyways. Lemon basil is easy enough to plant and care for as long as it is planted in the sunny part of your garden or backyard. It would need a sandy soil for good drainage and consistent watering is also a must to produce nice, big green leaves. You can also propagate this basil by cutting some stems and putting them in a pot with moist soil and keep it moist till it forms roots or if you see some leaves forming then it will be ready to be transplanted in the garden.
I don’t mind having lemon basil flower because it attracts good insects and pollinators to the garden thus helping with my cherry tomato production. I never had a good harvest of cherry tomatoes before. So thanks lemon basil!

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