lemongrass 002

Lemongrass is a perennial plant with grass like leaves. I like to grow them for my sometimes urge to cook Thai cuisine like Thai chicken curry, red or green. I also use lemongrass for tea by boiling the leaves instead of throwing it away after taking the bulbous part which is the main part that is used for cooking. The tea not only taste delicious and refreshing but it also serve to soothe sore throats especially if combined with ginger. It’s a drink we call “salabat” in Tagalog and is usually served during the Holy Week when the faithful recites the Passion of Christ by singing.

The lower part of the stem closest to the root is the most favored part of the lemongrass. I like to use it also to make Chicken “Tinola”, a one-course Filipino meal. You will have soup, chicken for protein, and vegetables like sayote and spinach all in one dish. Adding lemongrass to Chiken with rice soup or Arroz con Pollo makes it more delectable plus the added bonus to aid in digestion.

I recommend adding lemongrass in your backyard. It is easy to grow, just like a regular grass. Constant watering is a must to get a thicker stem. Adding lots of compost is also advisable especially if you want to grow them organically. It would not need chemical fertilizer to thrive.

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