Lemon Verbena

Lemon Verbena is my favorite herb in the garden. I like to use it for flavoring my tea. Ever since I recovered from cancer, I have to make sure to drink green tea for its antioxidant properties but I don’t particularly like the taste of it, so I have this idea of putting an herb like mint, lemon basil and lemon balm. Then I discovered this lemon verbena. It has the most delicious aroma of citrus and flower combine. I just have to plant it in my herb garden. It not only made my tea so good to drink now but they said it has some healing properties too like good for your digestion. When its time to prune the plant, I would dry the leaves and the scent would still be the same so its good for making potpourri too. It is also used in making herbal soaps and cosmetics.
The plant which is native to South America thrives in a sunny climate. It would actually last long in the garden as long as you keep it pruned and not allowed to flower. It takes patience to propagate this. I tried it once and been successful. Just cut a stem about six inches long and plant it in a pot with starter soil and water thoroughly throughout the growing season. Tip: try not to disturb it after you plant it. It’s very sensitive you know.

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