Xmas Tree

Just finished decorating our fresh noble fir Christmas tree. It made me feel like a kid again. Wishing and hoping for the best gifts Santa will bring me through the chimney. It may not be the case but putting each one of the decorations evokes lot of memories. I have collected all types of ornaments through the years and each one came from different places. Each have a history of its own and I can’t help but smile. I think about Washington State where I bought the lighthouse and the boat ornaments. I was visiting my brother in Everett and was able to get around. I thought of a nautical motif for my Xmas tree so I went looking for things nautical and I have found these ornaments. Some ornaments are from Japan when we were stationed there. Some I made myself like the stuffed ornaments made with fabric and shaped like star or stockings. I also have a collection of coca cola ornaments. But my favorite of all ornaments are the blown glass. I think they are wonderful. So colorful yet so light and delicate. I also have some ornaments from Philippines. I just got back from a vacation and I found some wonderful Christmas ornaments in the Mall of Asia. I truly admire the creativity that reflected on the Christmas ornaments made of natural things like the shell called capiz. I must have some to put in my Xmas tree and also add to my memories.

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