I like to collect small cacti plants and succulents. It started ever since I came to the US in 1981. We live in a small apartment and there’s no place for me to do some gardening. My elder brother has a lot of succulents in their garden so I ask for some. Its just the right plant to care for in our small balcony. No need much watering and they survive without much care. That’s what make them my favorite. Everywhere we move I always have these plants. I like their form almost like a rose in gray color. Some of them have great architectural details it just fun to look at them. I have jade plants consider to be a lucky plant by some cultures.
They would be good to have if you want a xeriscape garden because they don’t need much water to survive. It would go well with agave plants, aloes, euphorbias, sansevarias (mother-in-laws tongue) and other cactus plants. All they need is well-draining soil ( I use cactus mix), then dress them with small pebbles and you’re all set. Just wait for them to grow and fill the container. They need full sun and some feeding with a balance fertilizer and you might be lucky they would flower too. I have a stapelia plant that did flower. I also have christmas cactus that flowers every year. My latest acquisition is the rick-rack cactus (epiphyllum variety) which was given to me by a garden friend.
It is my first time to see this type of cactus actually so it’s a surprise for me. I also have dragon fruit plant which I’m waiting to flower and fruit. I could go on and on. I just like these plants, they are like a constant companion you never get tired of.

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