Cashew Fruits

2007-03-09, IBA & Gapo

Cashew nuts are my favorite snack food. I always wish I could eat the fresh roasted nuts from my hometown that I was accustomed to. Eating the fresh roasted cashew nuts is really a treat. It always remind me when I was a young kid, playing with the raw nuts as jackstones and then roasting them in a firewood stove after. It’s a messy job to crack open a cashew nut. But being kids we use just about anything we found in the backyard like a piece of rock or piece of wood to crack them open. Roasting them is quite a feat too. You have to be careful because when it burns, the shells are caustic so it’s like fireworks. After that though is almost a party because eating cashew nuts fresh like that is really special.

This post is for people who never see a cashew nut fruit or even what a tree/leaves look like. I want people to know that cashew nut is attached to a fruit and that the fruit is also edible and sweet. I’m lucky I was able to experience eating the whole cashews when I was growing up.

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