Dragon Fruit


Dragon fruit also called Pitaya is a fruit from a cactus plant which I find interesting. This particular cactus called Hylocereus undatus is where you get this dragon fruit from. I tried to grow them in my garden but I never get a fruit, but at least managed to have a yellow flower which only lasted for a day. It is a vining cactus plant and I made it climb into the fence. It doesn’t need heavy watering, just like a regular cactus, so it can also be good in zeriscaping. But having a big space would be good too cause they can grow wild everywhere. Here in Hawaii you can see them sprawling on the hillsides.

Dragon fruit is pink or bright red in color when ripe. Check the ripeness just like the avocado, it should have a give when you touch it. The flesh is white and have tiny black seeds like kiwi fruit. You can scoop the flesh of the fruit with a spoon.

The good thing about dragon fruit is not only it is beautiful as a fruit, it also taste good and the health benefits are much appreciated. It is low in cholesterol, lots of anti-oxidants like vitamin C and E and also lots of dietary fiber.

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