Coconut is the most versatile of all plants that I ever knew. From the fruits, to the leaves, to the trunk almost all parts of it can be used for something.
The leaves we used for wrapping a delicacy we call “suman” (glutinous rice wrapped in coconut leaves). The inner part of the leaves is gathered and made into a broomstick for sweeping the yard. The trunk is now utilized as the “new wood” in making furnitures and in building houses.
Best of all is the fruit. Young coconuts are used for refreshments. The mature ones are used for making the coconut milk we’re all familiar with. It is also the source of coconut oil (copra industry) where it is manufactured as cooking oil and soap, etc. The husks from the coconuts are now also used in making coir which can be formed into rugs, or in the garden as liner for hanging baskets. The rest can be burned for firewood.
So many things I want to write about coconuts I even painted them as my tribute to the most versatile plant in the world, I think.

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