Mangoes from my hometown

Dinamulag Mango, Phil.

I was born in Iba, Zambales, Philippines and during the summer time when I was growing up, we always enjoy eating mangoes coming from my grandparents farm. They have quite a number of mango trees and different varieties too. We have the big one we call “dinamulag” which literally means ‘like carabao’ because it is huge. The middle one in the picture is the regular size mango we have which is known all-over the world as Zambales mango and is also the sweetest, with fine texture, while the third mango on the right is what we call Indian Mangoes which incidentally are the mangoes being raised here in Hawaii and the one I enjoy picking in the backyard.

We eat the Indian mangoes when they are still green but almost ripe. It is sweet and sour, juicy and crunchy and we dip it in shrimp paste we call bagoong alamang or just plain salt. I miss those days.

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