Pole Beans

I like beans, long beans, green beans, winged beans I like them all. But I always have more fun growing pole beans. There are also bush beans variety but I prefer pole beans because it gives more yield I think.
I just transplanted these on the ground. Normally I would plant it directly on the ground but for some reason, nothing is showing up. Maybe my seeds are old and not vaiable anymore or maybe the slugs get to them before they even show some shoots. So I decided I have to start my newly bought seeds in a seedling plot and luckily, a lot of the beans showed up. I can’t wait to see how it will perform. I just bought this variety called “emerite” from Aina Ola Seeds.
I have collected seeds from my last bean variety but I would like to try something new. Hopefully I could get more this time and so I will try to let some beans mature to become the next generation pole beans.

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