Green Papaya

Papayas are very common here in Hawaii but most of them are for eating as fruits. Meanwhile we use the green papaya as vegetable. It is a different variety of papaya not like the “Solo” or “Sunrise”. This type is more elongated in shape and actually bigger than the Hawaiian variety.
Just like the Thai green papaya salad, we like to grate and pickle it and call it achara, a word that originated from India “achar” which means pickles. I also like to use it in the recipe we call “Chicken Tinola”. It is a good family one course meal. It got chicken, (whole cut-up chicken is best to use for this recipe), green papaya and malunggay leaves but you can use spinach instead if malunggay is not available in your area. Just stir fry the chicken with garlic, onions, ginger and lemon grass (if you have) put water and let it boil till the chicken is tender. Put the green papaya and when the papaya is fork-tender, put the spinach or malunggay leaves and I assure you it will be so delicious. Serve with freshly cooked rice, brown or white. The pickled papaya or achara can be use as side dish too.

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